London Shrunk

280 Grams / 100% Merino Wool

‘London Shrunk’ by Huddersfield Cloth - the Ultimate in Fabric Handle, Drape and Tailorability

Woven fabric straight from the loom is both rough to the touch and greasy due to the oils used during the spinning process which converts the wool fibre into yarn - this loom state fabric is quite literally ‘raw’ 

It is the skill of the finisher which transforms the raw, greasy wool fabric into something spectacular, a modern-day alchemy blending 4 key elements - Fibre, Yarn, Weave Structure and Finish.

Washing the fabric in natural soap and in wood-lined scouring machines removes the oils, grease and dirt from the fabric. The craftspeople at our finisher, W.T. Johnson, with their years of experience, know instinctively how long to scour the fabric, how much soap to use and what the temperature of the soft, Yorkshire water, drawn from the company’s own well, needs to be to produce the best results.

Getting this part of the finishing process right is the key to unlocking all subsequent processes which involve steaming and ‘setting’, or stabilising the fabric.

But what exactly differentiates ‘London Shrunk’ cloth from other fabric finishes and why ‘London Shrunk’ and not ‘Huddersfield Shrunk’ ?

Shrinking fabric has always been the best way of making cloth stable and allowing tailors to go on and produce their very best work. W.T Johnson have taken and refined this process allowing Huddersfield Cloth to offer the finest suiting of its type. By adapting and modernising techniques originally used by the Shrinking Houses in London in the 50’s, Johnson dampen and shrink the fabric, allowing it to relax to its natural width, ensuring it drapes with great fluidity and elevating the handle to a completely different level.

London shrinking enhances the handle and drape of the fabric, allowing the tailor to work their own particular magic and to cut, sew, steam and press without altering the fabric’s condition.

Chosen by tailors to make garments for those who demand the best, from Presidents to Royalty worldwide.