Linen & Cotton

280 - 310 Grams / 9.8 - 10.9 Ounces

Linen and Cotton - the ‘Cool’ Choices for Tailoring

Whilst a crisp, high twist wool in plain weave is often the first choice when considering tailoring for hot summer days, Huddersfield Cloth’s line and cotton range is no less suitable and an often forgotten, yet better option for an elegant jacket or stylish pair of trousers.

Linen’s prime appeal is its coolness to the touch - much more than wool and a little more than cotton.  Linen is also breathable due to the thick linen fibres which make for a more ‘open’ and breathable weave structure. Huddersfield Cloth’s linen exemplifies these characteristics.

Many people are put off linen because it wrinkles, but this only adds to linen’s appeal because it makes the fabric less formal.  The long linen fibres have natural imperfections along their length which can show up as ‘slubs’ in the cloth.  Again this only adds to the appeal of linen - aficionados of tweed in Winter are often drawn to the slubby look of linen in Summer.

Our cotton on the other hand is soft and casual, shaping itself to the body, wrinkling less than linen. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a Summer material only - partner our cotton with knitwear and it can be just as much at home in Winter as it is in Summer.

Let your imagination run wild and test your tailor’s limits with this range. Safari jackets, jean cut trousers, trench coats... the list goes on. Don’t forget to try a heavier weight cotton thread; you will be amazed at the difference it makes. We recommend an 80s thread for topstitching details.