Harris Tweed

Handwoven in Scotland

Across the waters from Scotland, beyond the Isle of Skye lies the barren, rocky Isle of Harris. Over one hundred and fifty years ago, the islanders created a unique cloth, a tweed entirely woven by hand that was to become famous, known simply as it is today as ‘Harris Tweed’.

In 1906, The Kenneth Mackenzie Mill, the successor to the Lewis Wool Mills company, was established. Today Kenneth Mackenzie Mill produces unique designs which is updated annually. For the first time a cut length program is offered through Huddersfield Cloth. Every length will come with the ‘Orb’ trademark fabric label of authenticity.

Every 3 metres of cloth is inspected and approved before being stamped by hand with the Orb trademark under this unique Act, policed by the Harris Tweed Authority, who monitors all fabric on a daily basis. It is amazing to think in this mechanised and mass produced world, Harris Tweed is still woven by hand on the Western Isles of Scotland.