London Shrunk - Success in South Korea

31 Aug 2017

London Shrunk - Success in South Korea

Huddersfield Cloth undertook a launch party like no other. In a fashionable district in South Korea, the company launched the phenomenon that is the London Shrunk range of fabrics. This range, premiering for the first time amidst a sell-out crowd of tailors, journalists and local celebrities managed to sell, in one evening, over 3,000 metres in cut lengths of cloth.

To celebrate the fabric, Huddersfield Cloth sent sample lengths to specially curated leading tailors in South Korea and asked them to help us show off the quality of this cloth through their craftsmanship to be displayed at the event, and the results were tremendous. These bespoke tailors created a selection of garments that proved to be truly outstanding. We were stunned and envious at the level of tailoring skill available in South Korea.

London Shrunk is a finish widely considered to be the very best process to bring out the best in any suiting cloth, and is used by presidents to Kings who demand the utmost quality. Finished for us in Huddersfield by W.T Johnson, the drape, handle and tailorability of this cloth is second to none, as proven by our guests in this exclusive venue.

Since launch, the London Shrunk range has been hard to keep in stock, the sheer demand for this fabric has pushed our mill partners to the limit and even with a dedicated loom running 24/7, we have had to make more room to produce greater quantities of the fabric for sale.

Huddersfield Cloth would like to thank our partners in Korea for helping us to achieve this truly epic launch, which has not only brought the product to the attention of the sartorial elite, but has also brought in large orders for our friends and partners in the industry located in the heart of Huddersfield itself.

Only one company owns the trademark for Huddersfield Cloth, and with fresh, innovative new ranges like London Shrunk, it is easy to see why Huddersfield Cloth Ltd remains at the cutting edge of finest British cloth manufacturing.