Huddersfield Cloth in conversation with the BBC

19 Feb 2016

Huddersfield Cloth in conversation with the BBC

When the BBC needed industry opinions, it came calling at Alfred Brown, Marks and Spencers and Huddersfield Cloth Ltd.

In an insightful and very interesting article, BBC journalist Robert Spencer investigates what gives a suit, and it's cloth, defining characteristics. Here's a snippet from our own Creative Director, Jimmy Chen:

It's not where the wool comes from, the important thing is where the cloth is made, says Jimmy Chen, of Huddersfield Cloth. The key ingredient is wool from merino sheep, usually found in Australia and New Zealand, but the way it's then turned into cloth changes everything. "If you're talking about fabric, it's where it's woven. Because it's the weaving and the finishing that gives it the unique characteristics, so with the same yarn woven in Italy and woven here but finished in different waters and different countries you'll get two very different cloths."

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