Celebrating 235 years of Industry with Marling & Evans

11 Jul 2016

Celebrating 235 years of Industry with Marling & Evans

We're delighted to announce a new range of cloth from our partner, Marling and Evans, that celebrates their 235th year of industry.

As one of the oldest marque in the British cloth industry, together with Marling & Evans we have begun work on a range we consider to be the most iconic British worsted fabrics, in Super 110's yarn which will feature the traditional "London Shrunk" finish, a method used in the UK since the 1950's. The process still done on the same premise in Huddersfield by W.T.Johnson & Sons. 

This Shrinking finish provides the best way to stabilise the cloth before the tailor goes about their fine work.

This new range will be released in early 2017, and we look forward to revealing more as this new collection is in the sampling stage now. 

Huddersfield Cloth is proud to be the exclusive cut-length distribution partner for the prestigious Marling & Evans brand. You can order from their Naturals and Jacketing collections online now.