• Huddersfield Cloth set to return to Downton Abbey

    Who isn't a fan of Downton Abbey? Huge across the world, even attracting Hollywood A-list celebrity George Clooney to last year's Christmas special, we're more than a little proud to have been chosen to supply yet more of our luxury fabrics for the new season.

    Looking as stylish now as they did back in the early 1900's, Huddersfield Cloth is a sign of quality and impeccable taste for any garment.

    Director Ross Liversidge says "It's a huge honour for us to stand out in the marketplace to production companies across the world. With more and more of our cloth appearing in films, television and stage shows, we can hardly step out of the front door without running into a famous name sporting garments made from our fabrics. We're tremendously proud to promote the city and talent of Huddersfield to the wider world by leading the industry with innovations in textile exports."